Introduction to the postgraduate law program

Our postgraduate program was created in august of 2013, when CAPES approved the creation of the master degree in Law and Social Justice proposed by the Faculty of Law of Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG). Such achievement was only possible through the collective work of our academics and the direction of the faculty.

The program’s proposal focuses on social justice realization through two research fields based on solidarity and sustainability, both of them connected with the institutional mission and philosophical orientation of the university.

The achievement of a master degree course shall open horizons for the science of law deeply think about many emergencies and transitions which Brazilian society has been going through, allowing the formation of professionals and the legal qualification indispensable to the social and economic development of the region.

Area of Specialization

The master degree in Law and Social Justice will promote critical and interdisciplinary studies about Law and Social Justice, facing matters which reveal the equality of rights, solidarity and sustainability, deepening the scientific debate which articulates alternatives for a sustainable development and equal opportunities in the multicultural societies and in the globalized world. For Law professionals is highlighted the great challenge of citizenship in face of the complexity of social life. The Law must be committed with the promotion of the citizenship by legally overcoming the false dichotomy between liberty and equality rights. Legal pluralism allows us to think about possibilities on the incorporation of jurisprudential solutions for social conflicts based on humanitarian values, compromised with public ethics and social justice.